Empire State



  • $9.90
  • 1301 Empire State Sizzling Boston Brownie

    Easily our best selling dessert! Brownie coated with chocolate fudge and ice cream on a hot sizzling plate. Time to forget about calories.

  • $9.90
  • 1302 Caramel Banana Walnut Pancake

    Hot golden brown pancakes served with fresh bananas and a scoop of vanilla ice cream with maple syrup.

  • $8.90
  • 1303 Banana Split Sundae

    This perennial favourite comes with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream sandwiched between two bananas topped with whipped cream and maraschino cherry.

  • $8.90
  • 1304 Fruity Splendour Sundae

    Delightful mix of raspberry, vanilla and strawberry ice cream topped with fresh strawberry, peach and banana.

  • $8.90
  • 1305 Waffle Chocolate Town Ice Cream

    Freshly baked crispy golden brown waffle with a hefty scoop of chocolate ice cream and candy-coated bites served with melted chocolate and maple syrup.