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Bad News For Salmon Lovers

Salmon farms in Norway and Scotland, two of the world’s largest exporters, have been decimated by sea lice, a parasite that has feasted on the blood and skin of salmon for millennia. Further south in Chile, a toxic algae bloom has killed enough of the fish to fill several Olympic swimming pools.

According to the Financial Times, worldwide farmed salmon production has fallen by 8.7% in a year and this has resulted in nearly 15% hike in salmon prices. Meanwhile, the sea lice is developing a stronger resistance to the chemicals used to kill it, while global warming is causing a bloom of toxic algae in Chile. These two phenomenons combine to pose a huge threat to the salmon industry globally and they seem like here to stay.

The higher prices have already filtered down the chain of supply. It is probably good time to explore switching our appetite to other fishes like cod or haddock if the trend in salmon is not reversed in the near future.

We have tried our very best not to raise our menu price for salmon although our cost has gone up significantly. We really do not know much longer we can absorb this hike in our food costs? We would love to hear your thoughts about this new scenario and whether you would consider having other choices of fishes? Feel free to drop us a line here.

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